Jason Zeleznik

  • CIO, Vice President

Jason Zeleznik joined TSI in early 2009 as the Technical Director of Software Development and lead SharePoint Solutions Architect. Having served for several years as an Officer in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mr. Zeleznik's intimate knowledge of the Federal intelligence arena and his extensive connections within the Intel community represent powerful assets to Trilogy Solutions.

Jason is also the company’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Facility Security Officer (FSO).


While at the CIA, Mr. Zeleznik served his country as a Tactical Communications Officer, supporting covert, direct-action communication/collaboration efforts for mission critical communications systems in the Middle East and Eastern European Theaters.

Jason presently holds several advanced technical certifications, as well as a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science. The above, combined with his diverse experience in both software and services industries, allow him to be the driving force behind Trilogy Solution’s vision for developing software solutions.

Early in his career, Jason served as a network engineer in the private and education sectors of the industry, providing information management and network architecture services. Later, Jason worked for Raytheon as a Collaboration Systems Engineer supporting DISA/DARPA at multiple US Combatant Commands in locations worldwide. For the next several years Jason provided SharePoint development and architectural expertise for the United States Marine Corps, the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Foreign Intelligence Network and other U.S. Department of Defense/Intelligence Community customers.

For over a decade, Jason has proven himself to be invaluable to his clients and Trilogy Solutions as a thought leader with a meticulous & unwavering attention to detail - helping organizations bring their visions to life with innovative solutions & collaborative technologies