TSI SharePoint Envisioning Overview
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TSI SharePoint Roadmap to Success
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TSI Health Assessment Overview
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Microsoft Lync Server Product Guide
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Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Overview
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TSI Service Delivery Framework

Trilogy Solutions delivers solutions using a 6-Phase methodology based upon the Microsoft Solutions Framework, modified slightly through real-world experience to better align with collaboration infrastructure deployments.


The primary purpose of the Envisioning Phase is to work with our clients to understand their business requirements. Our architects will facilitate discussions around the ways specific products, configurations and techniques would best align with those needs, and work with them to determine the appropriate scope of the project.


In the Planning Phase, we take the high-level goals identified during the Envisioning Phase and design concrete steps to guide the project through execution to deployment. The Project Plan created at the beginning of this phase helps to manage time, cost, and resources such that our solutions can be delivered on-time and on-budget.


The actions taken during the Development Phase may be different depending upon the client needs. Perhaps custom code development is necessary, or perhaps advanced out-of-the box configuration techniques are all that’s required to meet the solution requirements. In either case, the development of this functionality is an integral part of our formal delivery process.


The Testing Phase allows for any custom functionality, whether code-based or out-of-the-box, to be thoroughly evaluated prior to deployment to ensure that it not only meets our client’s expectation in terms of functionality and usability, but also that it has no negative impact on overall system performance and supportability.


During the Deployment Phase our expert consultants install and configure the designed solution. Our deep network, storage and infrastructure experience allows us to move very quickly, minimizing the time to deployment and eliminating configuration errors.


The Stabilization Phase is the “test drive” – we work with you to develop and execute use cases to verify that the solution as deployed performs as expected. Trilogy Solutions will not leave you with a system that merely “should work”, but rather with a system that’s been demonstrated in a live production environment to your satisfaction.