TSI SharePoint Envisioning Overview
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TSI SharePoint Roadmap to Success
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TSI Health Assessment Overview
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Microsoft Lync Server Product Guide
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Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Overview
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SharePoint Online & Cloud Services

Trilogy Solutions provides expert consulting services to organizations that are considering moving their existing SharePoint infrastructure to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint Online or those provided by 3rd party vendors.

The cloud. The idea being discussed in IT conference rooms all over the country. What is it? How do we get there? How much will we save? The truth is, looking to a cloud-based SharePoint solution may (or may not) make sense for your organization.

Is It Right For Me?

Collaboration and business productivity solutions are inherently complex. SharePoint (in particular) is both an amazingly capable and flexible business platform and a potential source of chaos. Behind the technology itself, you have the equally complex and very specific business requirements that drive its implementation. These requirements (along with organizational flexibility in meeting them) is what will determine whether or not a cloud solution is the right choice for you.

We approach these projects in the same manner that we would any SharePoint implementation, with Envisioning and Planning. It is during these phases where we work with your organization’s stakeholders to determine what the near and long term goals are for the project and how SharePoint can be leveraged to meet them. Once we have performed a careful analysis of your specific requirements, we will identify any potential challenges in meeting them in a cloud-based solution as well as mitigation strategies for overcoming them.

Some of the key factors that often determine cloud-suitability for a SharePoint implementation are:

  • Project Budget
  • Data Sensitivity & Value
  • Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Integration With Existing Business Systems
  • Timeline / Delivery Schedule
  • Need for Deep Customization
  • Need for Custom Development

In the end, whether or not the cloud is right for your SharePoint implementation depends upon what you want to do with it. On-site or off, our consultants will help you navigate the complexities of choosing one over the other and assist you in any way that we can to bring your vision to life.